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Universal Motor Covers are a great option if you are upgrading your motor or simply need a replacement motor cover. Each motor cover has 1/4″ draw rope sewn into the hem for easy installation and snug fit.

Description L x H x W Double Duck
Order No.
Performance Poly-Guard®
Order No.*
Order No.*
Order No.*
Order No.*
MC-5 HP 18x10x12 70000D 70000P 70000C 70000S 70000A
MC-10-35 HP 20x20x14 70001D 70001P 70001C 70001S 70001A
MC-40-70 HP 25x18x15 70002D 70002P 70002C 70002S 70002A
MC-100 HP 25x26x19 70003D 70003P 70003C 70003S 70003A
MC-150 HP 31x29x18 70005D 70005P 70005C 70005S 70005A
MC-200 HP 30x40x24 70004D 70004P 70004C 70004S 70004A
MC-250 HP 30x40x24 70006D 70006P 70006C 70006S 70006A
MC-350 HP 41x40x26 70007D 70007P 70007C 70007S 70007A


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