Custom Radar Arches & Wakeboard

Arches are a great way to give style & function that in most cases not as costly as regular top.

When you just want to have a place to put your radar, gps and vhf and you already have an existing canvas top there no better way than a custom arch. In some cases it makes a great place to have extra rod holders or even have an out of the way place for some outriggers. You can also locate your spreader lights and nav. light to the arch.

Some folks will clean up the way there bimini top is attached to the boat and make it come off the arch and when the top is not in use it can be folded up to the top of the arch. That way they can enjoy the sun.

For the extreme the standard arch has another name -the wakeboard tower- It’s pretty much the same as any other arch but with a tow bit on top. This allows folks to wake board and water ski with the line up high so that it will enable them to achieve their best tricks.